Referral Services

Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley

The Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley is dedicated to the emergency and critical care of companion animals during the hours in which your family veterinarian is unavailable. They are a fully equipped clinic, located in Langley, and staffed by experienced and caring veterinarians and technicians. This clinic accepts emergencies from all areas of the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley and works in direct cooperation with your family veterinarian.

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialist Hospital

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialist Hospital, located in Surrey, offers specialty care in the following areas: emergency medicine, critical care, surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, and oncology. The specialists and staff at BBVSH understand that your pet is an important part of your family and are committed to working with your family veterinarian to provide specialized diagnostics and treatments that your pet may need to regain optimal health and well-being.

Canada West Veterinary Specialists

Canada West Veterinary Specialists is a full-service specialty veterinary hospital that provides advanced veterinary care. They are located in Vancouver and accept referrals from family veterinarians in British Columbia, Washington, Alaska, and the Yukon. Their primary goal is to provide optimal medical, surgical, and rehabilitation support and care to their patients, fostering the bonds between owners and their pets and between themselves and their referring clinicians. They have access to extensive technology (on-site CT imaging, MRI, and an ability to place pacemakers), but their strength lies with the clinical expertise and diagnostic knowledge of their specialists as well as the dedication and experience of their staff.

Lifting Stars Pet Homecare

Lifting Stars Pet Homecare is a mobile veterinary service offering humane pet euthanasia and compassionate end-of-life services, all in the comfort of your own home

North West Nuclear Medicine for Animals

North West Nuclear Medicine for Animals is located in Vancouver and provides radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroid cats. Radioactive iodine treatment cures this common and serious disease and generally eliminates the need for daily medication. The initial treatment is completed at their hospital and follow up visits are done by your family veterinarian.

North West Veterinary Dermatology Services

North West Veterinary Dermatology Services is a privately-owned, veterinary dermatology specialty facility. They have a team of board-certified veterinary dermatologists specializing in itch relief, allergy management, and ear diseases. Their full-time hospital is located in Vancouver, with satellite locations including Surrey and Victoria.

Pacific Veterinary Behavior Consulting

Pacific Veterinary Behavior Consulting provides consultation services for behavior issues in pets. Behavior problems commonly treated include dog aggression, people aggression, inappropriate elimination, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, and resource guarding. All treatment and training methods recommended by Pacific Veterinary Behavior Consulting are based on positive training methods only. No aversive training methods such as shock collars, pinch collars, or other punishment-based methods are used.

The Spaw

The Spaw is a canine sports medicine and physical rehabilitation centre located in Aldergrove. Whether your pet is an elite athlete, a senior with arthritis, or a family member recovering from an injury, they can provide your pet with the best possible conditioning, injury diagnosis, and physical rehabilitation. Their team, which consists of you, your pet, the veterinarian, and their staff, works towards achieving the highest attainable quality of life for your pet.

Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre

Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre is an emergency and referral hospital located in Vancouver. Their team includes highly trained and skilled, board-certified veterinary specialists. Their referral departments include cardiology, internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, and emergency care. Their advanced training and expertise allow them to provide the best possible care for you pet.

West Coast Veterinary Dental Services

West Coast Veterinary Dental Services is an advanced animal dental care referral hospital located in Vancouver. The board-certified veterinary dentists at this hospital perform root canals, crowns, oral surgeries, including cleft palate repair and jaw fracture repair, and orthodontic treatments.

West Coast Veterinary Eye Specialists

West Coast Veterinary Eye Specialists is a referral hospital specializing in diseases and surgery of the eye and is based in New Westminster. The hospital has all the specialized ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical equipment necessary for the best care of your pet’s eyes.