Travelling Veterinary Specialists

Travelling veterinary specialists

Services Provided at Our Hospital by Travelling Veterinary Specialists:
White Rock Veterinary Hospital utilizes the services of several travelling veterinary specialists. This allows your pet to be cared for at our hospital and receive the expert care of these specialists.

Dr. Lawrence Brown
Ultrasound Procedures

Dr. Brown is a board-certified veterinary radiologist. He performs ultrasound procedures with his mobile unit at our hospital. This includes abdominal ultrasounds, vascular ultrasounds, musculoskeletal ultrasounds, echocardiography, etc. If indicated, Dr. Brown is able to perform ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration, centesis, or biopsies of various internal organs to assist in attaining a diagnosis.

Dr. Eugene Gorodetsky

Dr. Gorodetsky visits veterinary hospitals throughout British Columbia to perform endoscopy. Endoscopy allows visual examination and collection of diagnostic biopsies of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, nasal cavity, and larger airways of the lungs. Endoscopy can also be used to remove foreign objects that a pet has swallowed, thereby often avoiding major surgery.

Dr. Judy Rochette
Dental Procedures

Dr. Rochette is a board-certified veterinary dentist. She performs root canals, crowns, oral surgeries, including cleft palate repair and jaw fracture repair, and orthodontic treatments.